Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History - AVAILABLE NOW in AUDIBLE BOOK - FREE if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

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The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet

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Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter is a huge and safe Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Space.

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The Jupiter Sun is the latest book by the author of My Cosmic Brain published a few short months ago.

In that time period, the author has managed to complete another great Science Fiction Book - The Book To End All Books which is science fiction and inspired him to attempt to produce the events in the Science Fiction Thriller - something never achieved before in human history.

This attempt is akin to George Lucas trying to produce real functioning Jedi Light Sabers and Faster than light - Space Ships.  

We humans are threatened by EXTINCTION as never before.  It's been close several times in the past Evolution of Life on the Earth - BUT THIS ONE seems like we may already be going over the cliff.




Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Book To End All Books - IN AUDIBLE BOOKS NOW

The Book To End All Books - By Michael Mathiesen - OUT NOW 


 What if the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt had used laughing gas to subdue the enemy soldiers in battles of WWII?  The next few years and up to our present time of crisis after crisis would have been completely different.  AND - the next few centuries would be much different as well.  Eventually, we become smart enough and great enough to ignite the planet Jupiter into our 2nd Sun - creating the Greatest Achievement in Human history!

The Book To End All Books is the last book you'll ever have to read because you can not be more inspired or more thoroughly entertained than the moment you learn how the tiny insignificant creatures swarming about planet Earth actually make a star light up in the heavens.  

This is the story that could save Mankind!  Get your copy today


If  you have read any great Science Fiction that had a very promising insight into the FUTURE and/or you loved Star Wars because it portrayed a greater good when people can unite behind a cause - then this is the book for you.



Monday, September 5, 2022

Keeping a Daily Environmental Journal and how your 100 Days of caring can help save the Earth.

 The Complete Guide to Earth Journals and How They Improve the Planet.

Introduction: Why You Should Keep a Journal

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Get Your Daily Earth Journal Started Today!

What is the Difference Between Good Journaling and Bad Journaling?

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How to Keep Your Journal Entries Consistent and Inspiring

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How To Choose A Good Journal For Yourself

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The Complete Bookshelf of Interesting Journals For Everyone from Outdoorsy Folks To Creative Types

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The Importance of Keeping a Journal and Why It's Beneficial to your Mental Health

Introduction: The Need for Expressing Yourself and Why it's Important

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Who Can Benefit from Journaling?

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Finding Your Voice Through Journaling

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How to Start Keeping a Daily Diary

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Conclusion: The Dangers of Not Expressing Yourself and Next Steps

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This is a journal of 100 Days of things anyone can do to lower their carbon footprint. This is not a list of 100 things you can do to save the Earth, but a list of 100 things anyone can do to lower their carbon footprint.

This is not a climate crisis, this is a climate emergency. The time for action is now.

I want to make a personal commitment to save the Earth by lowering my carbon footprint. It is not enough for me to say I care about climate change, I need to do something about it.

I am going to keep a journal of 100 Days of things anyone can do to lower their carbon footprint and share it with you on this blog.

YOU must be a conscious individual that at least tries to do their part in lessening the effects of global warming, or you wouldn’t be hanging around in this region of the Internet. The region is for concerned people who are not afraid to take an action and who know that they must invite others to take action - or else we’re doomed as a species. If you do not have this type of mindset, please go to other pages and do more research about all of the incredibly irresponsible actions that governments are taking to destroy the planet. Russia, as one small example is currently burning millions of tons of gas and oil that they have not been able to sell to European Industry due to the war in Ukraine that they started. They are intentionally destroying the entire planet to convince other nations to surrender their opposition and end sanctions so that they can gleefully continue their war of genocide of innocent people. The United States is no better by allowing any gas and oil company to go forth and dig and mine and drill for more fossil fuels. This is not going to save the planet and instead will help destroy it as more and more supply of the toxic greenhouse gases are put into the system to be burned. Japan designed their nuclear power plants along the coastal regions knowing that an Earthquake and/or Tsunami could have devastating consequences for the oceans of the world first and the land regions later. Our entire planet is now radioactive thanks to the ‘Fuckishima’ disaster. ANY FOOL or FOUR YEAR OLD could have designed their nuclear power somewhere else. How about on the Moon?

Europe is no better, currently burning coal in many countries by the millions of tons each day pouring the worst kind of greenhouse gases into the air and fish-killing Sulfuric Acid in the water. I could go on talking about all of the forests that are currently burning everywhere in the world. I could talk about all of the gas-guzzling cars that are on the streets and should be destroyed, even if their owners lose their jobs. They can find jobs within walking distance or do it online. We have to change our mind set - every living man, woman and child and stop thinking about our careers and physical well-being and the purchasing of THINGS we don’t really need.

What can YOU DO about all of this.

Keeping a log-book starting just 60 seconds a day can make all the difference.

We hope by demonstrating how easy it is to take action and take account of our consumption, with small and realistic modifications to our daily lives, this project might inspire and enable us all to live environmentally responsibly.

People should start journaling their 100 Days of things any individual can do to reduce the production of greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming.

The first and most importantly journal entry is: share this list. There are just a few easy things people can do, every day, and they’ll make a big difference.

It also includes: choosing foods at home based on time in fridge or freezer, picking up littering bottles or cigarette butts, plant native plants.

As well as: never turning on an unneeded light, always take escalator instead of the elevator and switch car service to car share services

This list is not exhaustive - there are many ways to address global warming - yet it's strong baseline start.

Like most of us, you might be juggling responsibilities at home and work? Do you want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions but feel tired of the hassles? This essay is dedicated to easy daily activities that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle. These suggestions will lower your carbon footprint, help mitigate the stresses surrounding climate change and make the eventual transition to less harmful energy sources more desirable.

In April 29th, 2017, Professor David Blanchflower tweeted that "Improvement-led change is desperately needed to meet Paris agreement’s 2 degrees C target."

Exemplary dialog:

Persuade government leaders. Increase the price of oil past world parity. Aggressively support carbon sequestration and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. These legislators do not take action, but we can still push for these changes in our environment and lifestyle—simply by reflecting on our daily choices and what we are doing today.

Add these changes up over time, and imagine how it could impact a community or not even imagine how every individual's choice could have an effect on the earth's climate?

This section encompasses many improvements that a person living in an industrialized country can make on

Beyond buying locally, we can lighten our natural and personal footprint in profound ways. We can be more conscious about what we buy, learn about and get involved with, recycle as much as possible, demand more of corporations who show little ecological conscience and develop some semblance of civil disobedience to challenge corporate authority and a dwindling democracy.

For starters it’s worthwhile to track our day-to-day habits compulsively if need be - how many bags entomb the landfill because of us? How many miles by car did I pretentiously laugh in before hopping on a bus? This is just one way to force ourselves into reckoning with what we take for granted. There are always tradeoffs but selective ignorance - willful denial of inconvenient facts pertaining to long-term survival - should no longer be an option


Thursday, August 11, 2022

My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth Live today on Amazon - Audible Book Available NOW - Get Started Today

My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth 

Drops Today Get Journaling inYour 100 Days!

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Get Your Earth Journal Today!

 My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth 



It's been proven that when you write thoughts, ideas, concepts, even your intentions down, you are far more likely to remember them and may even be able to achieve them.
If we can enlist every American, and everyone else on the planet to write down their daily thoughts about how to best save our beloved planet, there's a good chance we'll all remember them, make them our own and may even be able to achieve them.
The Daily Environmental Journal - 100 days to save the Earth is your open and viable pathway to devote the next 100 days to helping save the planet that gave you life and the beautiful planet who wants to give life to millions more generations of us, newer, better, more concerned versions of ourselves who will inevitably come to thank us for the many sacrifices that we will gladly make in order to hand over a living viable and sustainable planet to them.
I hope you will join us and start your 100 Day journey with me on what I believe is the only way to save our beloved Earth.  If you are one of those people who say - "Not for me, I'll wait for the other guy to do it" - well, that's what they all say because you are the other guy or gal that everyone's waiting for.   It's your turn to step up to the plate and take a few minutes out of your life every day to help preserve the lives of millions of others who want to enjoy their lives in future generations of the human animal.

This journal is full of things you already know you should be participating in if we are going to reverse the current climate crisis and global warming that is burning our homes and forests and destroying the ability to grow our food.  You know you need to be part of the Solution instead of part of the problem.  if you're like most us, however, you don't know how, or not how to maximize and leverage your potential to turn things around every day.
This Daily Journal to save the Earth shows you the way.  Start your own version of it today and make it your 100 day contribution.  I can't guarantee success even if millions of us start down this path, but, I can guarantee that if we don't get millions of us started down this path today, there will be fewer and fewer paths to choose from and each one will be more difficult and problematic than the previous one.

Do your family and friends a solid.  Just start with Day One, see how much better it makes you feel, what a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders and then you can go from there.

Because - at the end of the day - the people of this world will have to act in harmony and in unison to VOTE DIRECTLY on many of the issues - our present Republican form of government with all of the 'ELECTORS' having the last say, simply does not have our interests at heart - as we have seen in recent history. 

The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History - AVAILABLE NOW in AUDIBLE BOOK - FREE if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

Supports Any Online Business Get Started Today ~ The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter ...